Recent IoT Projects

EvacMate is an IoT based solution which gives the real time information regarding the clearance or lockdown of a building during an emergency.

During an emergency (e.g. fire), the evacuation process can be managed smoothly by providing the clearance status of each room to Emergency Services.

The system is comprised of a cloud server, site controllers and sensors.

Server: Provides real-time information to the user through website and mobile app.

Controls the sensor activation, clearance and updates the sensor status from site controller.

Site Controller: A hub in each site, which acst as an interface between the sensor and the server.

Sensor: Signaling device which will be controlled by the Site Controller and RF Tag to update/change the clearance status of eah area.

Crop Manager is a web based solution for agricultural professionals. It helps to plan and monitor the activity of farming throughout the season. The Season Plan is created by agronomists, and the farmers make plans based on that throughout the season. The system is integrated with many IoT devices to capture field information.

IoT devices integrated:

Soil Probe: To record Soil Moisture, Soil Temperature and Electrical Conductivity.

Camera: To capture and view the plant growth from the website.

Rain Gauge: To record rainfall information.