Benefits of Outsourcing

Enterprises both small and large are finding that the cost savings of outsourcing their IT services offer an incredibly compelling benefit to the bottom line.

The low cost of operating offshore, combined with our long term established presence in the India market, permits Tender to deliver highly skilled IT developers at a price of just $14.99 per hour.

By taking the IT burden at this low price point, Tender frees our clients to focus on delivering their core products and services more effectively and efficiently, while enjoying the materially improved cost structure vs. recruiting, hiring, and retaining U.S.-based resources.

Our deep bench of IT professionals permits us to ramp up to scale quickly, while our clients enjoy minimal-to-no costs of entry, overhead, or wind-down.

Tender Software has nearly a decade of experience in working with clients across the globe to assist them with their outsourcing goals, and U.S.-based local representatives are just a phone call away.