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Access to the best IT developers for your business needs.

Access to the best IT developers for your business needs.

Tender Software provides highly skilled software development resources to U.S. business IT departments, software companies, and design studios. We maintain top tier development offices in India, to which business clients can outsource software development to reduce their costs while maintaining quality.

Free hours to our clients

First 25 Hours Free
All new Clients receive their First 25 hours Free. Additionally, if clients are unhappy for any reason, there is no charge.
First 25 Hours Free

The Tender Software team is empowered to build trust at every step. We work closely with our clients to ensure all communications and business requirements are transparent and clearly addressed in a timely manner.

Cost Effective

Tender Software provides technical expertise and highly skilled software developers to our clients at a rate of just $18.49 per hour.

Results Driven

Tender Software has over a decade of experience working with clients across the globe to assist them with their IT development goals.


Tender Software strives to foster innovative technologies that contribute substantially to the success of our clients. We quickly create positive results for our clients through a short-release development cycle.

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